District 29 – February 2012

February 14, 2012
Opened at 6:31 pm.

Traditions were read by: Stacy N.

4 Officers Were Present
DCM – Albert S.
Intergroup – Matt C.
Secretary – Sheila H.
Treasurer – Luke F.

4 Meetings/Committee’s were Present
Friday Night Eagle Group
Back To Basics Group
Life Preserver Group
Lincoln Foxhall Group

Secretary’s Report:
January 10, 2012 Minutes were read and approved
Treasurer’s Report: Luke F.    Balance $286.18
The PO Box does not exist, a notice was sent previously.  Treasurer will check to see the cost for obtaining a new PO Box for the District.
The treasurer is in the process of obtaining an EIN number which is needed to open up a new checking account.
Balance is $286.18, Received $125.00 contribution from Life preservers group, $117.00 contribution from Back to Basics Group.
Current DCM still needs to be reimbursed for November and January Area 41 Meeting expenses.

Intergroup Report: Balance remains$3,919.78

  • Received $100.00 contribution from Seeking Solutions. Ending Balance $3919.78
  • Corrections committee is talking with Treatment committee discussing a dual workshop.
  • Hotline received 90 Calls, 73 of those calls were for general information, and 24 calls were not answered.
  • Website had 19,000 hits; this was up from the 14,000 from 2010. 1719 hits from December.  48% of the hits were for meeting lists, 30% for the homepage, and 4% for local events.
  • PI/CPC Continues to work with Independent Center on what AA is and isn’t workshop for professionals.
  • Special events committee has a couple people who have volunteered.
  • District 3 is still looking for a new DCM, there balance is $40.00
  • Continued discussion regarding the Newcomer Orientation originally started by this district, and they are seeking other groups to volunteer to take this orientation over.
  • District 21 has a Balance of $319.60
  • District 22 has a Balance of $1,034.44, will be visiting the groups in the district and is discussing making disbursements due to the excessive balance.
  • Central office had a loss of $404.21 they are still looking for 2 alternate board members.

DCM Report:
2012-01-22, Finance Vote PASSED _37 – 0
Proposed 2012 Area 41 Budget.
2012-01-12, #014 Report & Charter Vote FAILED _18 – 18
GSR Workshop shall be an assigned Service Position within the Area 41 Agenda Committee.
2012-01-22, #017, Report & Charter Vote PASSED 31 – 5
Scope and Responsibilities
A new Literature chare was voted in at Area 41 – Dan W.
Albert S. was assigned to PI/CPC committee
2011-03-012 #001, Al H. had a motion to have this taken off the table so it could be withdrawn.  This is to allow area 41 to approve to submit a bid to host the 2014 National Archives Convention.
Motion to table the item passed 36 – 1
Motion to withdraw this motion passed 34 – 0

Old Business:
Continue to talk to groups that District 29 is still seeking people to serve as Alternate DCM and Alternate Intergroup representative.

New Business:
VOTE: AGENDA ITEM 2012-01-21 002 Report and Charter:  Passed 5 for   0 against
Agenda Item: Area 41 accept new boundaries set by districts 3, 21, 22, 29 and 32.

District 3:     North-Lancaster County boundary, South- “O” ST, West-Lancaster County boundary, East-N. 27th ST

District 21:     North- “O” ST, South- Lancaster County boundary, West- Lancaster County Boundary, East- S. 17th ST from “O” ST to Van Dorn ST, 27th ST from Van Dorn ST to Saltillo Rd, 25th ST from Saltillo RD to Lancaster County boundary.

District 22:     North- “O” ST, South- Lancaster County boundary, West- S. 17th ST from “O” ST to Van Dorn ST, 27th ST from Van Dorn ST to Saltillo Rd, 25th ST from Saltillo RD to Lancaster County boundary (27th only extends to Saltillo RD)., East- Lancaster County boundary

District 29:     North- Lancaster County boundary, South- “O” ST, West- N. 27th ST, East boundary does not change with this item, as this item only addresses boundaries within Lancaster County.

District 32:     East- Lancaster County boundary, North, South, West boundaries do not change with this item, as this as item only addresses boundaries within Lancaster County.

Background: The intent of this item is to create a record of simplified, clear boundaries for Districts in Lancaster County. The proposed boundaries follow the recently adopted Area 41 redistricting guidelines.

The only information in the Area 41 past actions book that explains Lancaster County district boundaries are voting items from 1989 (split district 3 into two districts) and 2008 (form a new district around Seward). There are a few maps that have been drawn up for Lancaster County, but on these maps there are large portions of boundaries that do not follow easily identified landmarks such as streets or county lines. The current boundaries make it difficult for incoming DCMs to know exactly who to serve, especially when group locations change frequently.

The proposed boundaries were developed as a joint effort among Lancaster County districts. The boundaries were developed so that the overall distribution of groups within districts would not change significantly, so that DCMs would still have a reasonable number of groups to visit, as the AA Service Manual suggests. The new boundaries were also developed so minimal groups would have an actual change in district.

If this item is voted on and approved by Area 41, a digital and hard copy map of the new Lancaster County boundaries will be submitted to Area 41, Lincoln Intergroup committee and Central office.

Mike ~ attending District meetings and groups seeking financial and physical support for a proposed Grapevine workshop.

  • Discussing that grapevine is ever changing with intentions of delivering subscriptions over other month or going all digital.
  • Mike has Speakers already set up, Charlie S, Ron A. and Ken B for this workshop.  Tentative date is May 12, 2012 11:00 am to 4:00 pm at the Center for people in need (Coffee and Tea provided).
  • Needs are funding, dishwashers, setup and clean up.
  • Raffle for items such as 1 year of grape vine. Etc.
  • District 29 tabled this until March.

Robert C.
Attending District meetings in attempts to gauge interest in having an AA anniversary party.  There are funds still available for this party from previous years.  If anyone is interest please contact Robert C.

Group Reports:
Back to Basics Group – Stacy N. (Monday 8:00PM ~ Lincoln)

  • The group continues to work towards their annual anniversary event which will be the 2nd Monday in March.  Dawn S. is the guest speaker.  The group is accepting items to  raffle during the event.  Fellowship starts at 7 and meeting is at 8 pm.

Friday Night Eagle Group – Eric H (Friday 8:00PM ~ Eagle)

  • The meeting continues to go good.  We just had our speaker with went well.  The meeting continues to have an increase in meeting members

Life Preserver Group – Steve B. (Friday 7:00PM ~ Lincoln)

  • We just had a good business meeting and have a newly elected alternate GSR.  A lot of new people attending and good core group which is going strong.

Lincoln Foxhall Group – Sheila H. (Monday 7:30PM ~ Lincoln)

  • Not much change with the group, continuing to have 35-40 people in attendance.

Closed at 7:25 pm. With the serenity prayer.

Next Meeting will be held March 13, 2012 at 28th and “S” streets 2nd floor at 6:30 pm.