District 3 – June 2012

June 5, 2012
Opened at 7:03 pm.

Traditions were read by: Seth H.

4 Officers Were Present
DCM – Bob M.
Intergroup – Mark S.
Secretary – Sheila H.
Treasurer – Darrel W.

5 Meetings/ 0 Committees were Present
Rod M. Early Birds Group
Seth H. How It Works Group
Sheila H. Lincoln Foxhall Group
Bob M. 60 Minutes
Debbie C. Sunday Noonish Group

Secretary’s Report: Sheila H. read the May 1, 2012 District 2 Meeting Minutes which were then approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Darrell W.
Balance Forward ~ $157.82
$100.00 in Contributions were received
$0.00 expenses in May
Total Revenue $100.00

Intergroup Report:

Officers present: 4
Committees present: 5
Group chair members present: 7
Districts present: 1
Treasurers Report:
Balance forward: $2,594.01
Contribution(s): $0.00

Corrections Committee $150.00
Ending Balance $2,444.01
End Bank Statement April 30, 2012: $2,647.51

Central Office Committee:
Treasurer’s Report: Income $7,044.00
Expenses $6,265.99
Gain/Loss $ 778.01
Still need 1 alternate board member
Still discussing attending other meeting to discuss Central Office and its role in the community.

Corrections Committee: (Ron R.) – Balance $289.30 (Ron did pick up latest disbursement check – $150 – but has not been deposited yet. New balance will be: $439.30).

Hotline committee: (Brian C.)
Calls – 62
Requesting Meeting Info – 59
12 Step Calls – 3
Not answered – 4

** Passed out new sheets to take to groups. Please have these filled out for June Intergroup meeting. New lists will be in place for July, August, and September.

Website Committee: (Ron E.)
Intergroup informed Ron not to post Central Office Bulletins anymore.
They will just post meeting updates/changes.

Special Events Committee: (Carol)
Balance: $636.24
Committee needs: a Chair, secretary, treasurer
Need people to help set up for the 4th of July

Old/New Business:

    • Motion: Committees bring back budgets for 2012 and present them
      • Then, Intergroup will make a budget for Intergroup. (Seconded, passes)
    • Treasurer will Pay past due Rent to the Center
    • Website Would like help designating what is AA approved
    • Dick (treasurer) would like to step down from his position
      • Attend Intergroup if anyone is interested.

DCM Report: Bob M.
District 3 DCM has visited 4 noon meetings. He is attempting to approach the day groups to update thme on information on District 3. Bob is looking for other GSR’s to assist him in attending the groups in the district especially the day time groups for this endeavor.

Bob is also working on encouraging all (new-comers and Old-timers) to participate in service work and he is open to any suggestions from the Groups.

Bob did receive the Packet from the previous DCM for the district which is very helpful in catching up.

Bob will review items for Area 41 to discuss and vote on at District 3 before the Vote at the next area 41 meeting.

      • Service Hand Book Changes
      • Corrections Power Point

Old Business:

Continue to talk to groups that District 3 is still seeking people to serve as Alternate DCM & Alternate Intergroup Rep.

New Business:

      • Motion was made to set the Prudent reserve at $100.00
        • Seconded, and passed with a unanimous vote.
      • 6 Months will be paid for District 3 Meetings at $5.00/month = $30.00

Group Reports:

Early Birds Group – Rod M.
The group is going well, participation is very good. The people who have been attending for a while are getting more involved in helping newcomers. The meeting is ranging from 20 people and sometimes up to 30.

How It Works Group – Seth H.
Balance was provided to the District. Things are going steady for the group and attendance is good on all the nights.

Lincoln Foxhall Group – Sheila H.
The Foxhall group is a weekly speaker. The speakers this last month were amazing and attendance is pretty steady. The group is in the process of sending in the contribution to District 3.

Sunday Noonish Group– Debbie C.
Balance was provided to the District. There was some discussion in the group about moving the meeting, but that has been tabled. Since then, the group has seen an average of 19-22 people attend the group and is continuing to move forward with momentum.

60 Minutes Group – Bob M. (gave a report)
Balance was not available to provide to the District, but stated that the group has been below the prudent reserve for about 4-5 months now. The current GSR has resigned. There is the same amount of people in attendance, which is a good thing.

Closed at 7:58 pm. With the serenity prayer.

Next Meeting will be held July 3, 2012 at 28th and “S” streets 2nd floor at 7:00 pm.