PI/CPC Minutes – July 2012

July 8,2012

Attendance: 3

Secretary’s Report:     NA, no meeting since April
Treasurer’s Report:     Current Balance: $353.32

Jessi received the July disbursement check from intergroup. Kjerstin will give to Jeff to deposit and we will get a new balance.

Intergroup Report:  See minutes

Old Business:        Debrief from workshop.

  • Independence Center has still been hearing great things
    • Professionals are glad we brought in AA members
    • Glad they stuck to the topics rather than telling all of their story
  • Do we want to do it again?? YES!
    • Try every 2 years in the spring (Spring 2014)
    • Make it longer 2 1/2 – 3 hours.
    • Do it in the afternoon 2:30 maybe?
    • Add time for a better question and answer session
    • Invite other treatment facilities
  • Jerome has heard from someone in Omaha who would like to replicate this.
    • We will be available if they need help or have questions.

New Business:  How can we continue the momentum created by the workshop in the off year??

  • Create a database of Professionals in the field and send a letter letting them know we are available.
  • To do in July: divided up categories, find contacts, bring those back in August.

**Other item: Check online description of committee.

  • We are ok with the description at this time. It encompasses our scope. We will take a look at it again in 6 months, and will continue that trend of looking at it every 6 months.