Intergroup – March 2013

Meeting Minutes – March 29, 2013
Lincoln Intergroup
PO Box 6366
Lincoln, NE 68506

Chairman: Bob B.
Vice Chairman: Ron R.
Secretary: Jessi H.
Treasurer: Dick S.

Began the meeting @ 6:30 pm

The AA Traditions were read by: Ron R.

Officers present: 4
Committees present: 7
Group chair members present: 13
Districts present: 3

Total People Present: 22

Minutes approved for January 2013

District reports:

Mark (03) – Not present

    1. – Someone from the district did mention that one of the groups is thinking about doing a workshop on the Living Sober book for ladies.

Brian C. (21)

• Unity Picnic will be July 14, 2013

John S. (22)

  • Had the District 22 workshop
  • Balance: $786.72
  • District 22 will be hosting the Area 41 Reunion in 2014

Stacey N. (29)  – Nothing to report

Treasurers Report:

Balance forward:                                     $   813.90
Contribution(s):     Lincoln Wild Bunch             $ 86.47
$   900.37
Expenditures:    NONE
Ending Balance                                        $   900.37

Balance forward:                                    $   900.37
Contribution(s):        First 164 Group                $   40.00
Big Book AA                     20.00
Eagle Friday Night                 75.00
Monday Noon Meeting                87.00

Hotline                    $      4.19
Ending Balance                                        $1,118.18

Current Committee Balances
(as of March 29, 2013)

Treatment        $   438.85
Corrections        $   481.41
Hotline            Not provided
Website        Not Provided
PICPC            $   829.06

Reserve for 2013 Committee Budgets

Treatment            $ 1,000.00
Corrections            $         0.00
Hotline                $       20.00
Website            $     100.00
PICPC                $     600.00
Intergroup (after rent)        $       70.00
$  1,790.00

**Intergroup’s Balance after these Obligations                        ($ 617.82)

** This balance indicates where intergroup would stand at the end of the year, if all money requested by committees is disbursed and no more contributions are taken in from AA groups.

Thanks to groups who contributed this month!

Mail checks to:
Lincoln Intergroup
P.O. Box 6366
Lincoln, NE 68506

Respectfully your servant, Dick S., Treasurer

Committee Reports:

Central Office Committee: (Neil) – Meeting January 17, 2013

Old Business:

  •  Need 1 alternate board member
  • Still discussing attending other meetings to discuss CO and role in community
  • Jim K will check with meeting place about putting flyers for upcoming events online
  • Central office Board elections still need decided

New Business:

  • Sign up sheet passed around for inventory volunteers
  • Parking problems for Cheryl H on Saturday morning

Next Meeting: February 21, 2013

Meeting: February 21, 2013

Old Business:

  • Need 1 alternate board member (Contact Central Office if interested, 2 years sobriety min, being available to step in if a current member leaves)
  • Still discussing attending other meetings to discuss Central Office and its role in the community.
  • Jim K will check with the meeting place about putting flyers up for upcoming events online
  • Central office board elections still need decided

New Business:

  •   Parking problems for Cheryl H on Saturday morning

**Discussion: Area CPC has been working with Area Treatment on handling the VA requests for volunteers. It’s being worked on nationwide. If anyone has questions, contact Bernice S.

Next Meeting: March 21, 2013

Corrections Committee: (Ron R.) – Meeting: February 5, 2013

Beginning Balance                         $357.23
Paid CO for rent Jan – June        ($  30.00)
Treatment committee reimbursed    $154.18
Ending Balance                            $481.41

City/County Jail: Joe G. Two volunteers have filled out applications to begin volunteer work at downtown jail. They will accompany Joe into facility when they are cleared.

CCCL: Tom E. In house 12×12 goes well. Although some long-time members have been released, some new folks have taken their place. Tom has a book request (see new business).

Old Business:  None.

New Business: Tome requests 5 hardback Big Books and 4 paperback 12x12s for CCCL . Motion made and approved.

Two AA members showed up at the meeting requesting information on how to get started on volunteer work in local correctional centers. One was interested in state facilities, the other in city/county. They were given the appropriate applications and contact information.

**Next Meeting, Tuesday, March 5 at 6pm – Meeting place (28th & S), room 2A

Meeting: March 5, 2013

Balance: No activity — $481.41
City/County Jail: Joe G. Due to work conflict, Joe will not be able to go to downtown jail until May. He will turn in applications of new volunteers and hopefully they will be cleared in time to accompany  him when he resumes his meetings.
CCCL: Tom E. Men’s in house 12×12 meeting continues to go well. Just finished discussing step 12 and will start over with step 1.
D & E: Bill O. Monday & Wednesday meetings are going well. They are looking for volunteer help at the Monday meeting. Contact Bill if interested.
RTC: Bill O. Saturday night meeting is going well, attendance is up.

Old Business:  One of volunteers who attend last month has submitted an application to CCCL and is awaiting clearance. The plan is he will accompany Tom & Joe on Tuesday nights.

New Business: None.

**Next Meeting, Tuesday, April 2 at 6pm – Meeting place (28th & S), room 2A

Hotline committee: (Brian C.)

Calls – 81
Requesting Meeting Info – 62
12 Step Calls – 19
Not answered –29

Calls – 91
Requesting Meeting Info – 65
12 Step Calls – 26
Not answered –66

MEMBERS:  Please note, there are numbers and information on the back of the sign-up sheet to further assist the groups and our responsibilities. Suggest to people signing up they save the numbers in their phone so they know it’s the hotline when a call comes through.

PI/CPC Committee: (Jessi H.)

  • Balance: $829.06 (both February & March)

February Meeting
Attendance: 10

  • Thank you to all the guests for joining us!!
  • Bryan Health says we can’t just bring pamphlets in
  • Alyssa will continue to work with them by contacting their PR
  • Jessi will have volunteers take pamphlets to St. E’s and Nebraska Heart Hospital
  • Amanda is stepping down from chairing PICPC.
    • Discussion on how to proceed
      • Decided to just decide at that meeting because we have not had many new people for a while
    • Jessi H & Kjerstin E are both willing to chair.
      • They will be co-chairing for the remainder of the rotation
  • Bernice’s report on treatment center contacts
    • Got 4 out of 10 responses via email.
    • Got some requests for speakers
      • The VA
      • Houses of Hope
      • These requests will be passed on to Treatment committee
  • Drug Court Meeting
    • Changed to the 2nd Wednesday of the month, due to some conflicts on the 1st.
    • Still at 6:30 p.m.
    • Chair takes someone with them each time
      • Chair rotates every 4 months
      • Chair person is also aloud to share a long with speaker
    • Need to get the disclaimer for singleness of purpose from Spiritual Actions
    • There is a Drug Court alumni type group – New Beginnings – maybe they could take this over at some point or at least help with
    • Carter will take 1st rotation
      • Speakers need to come from PICPC, or the other people who attended this meeting
  • Jessi and Kjerstin will work on format and email out to everyone for feedback
    • We will just work on the first meeting
    • After the first meeting, we will get feedback from speakers and then work on the next three months

March Meeting

Attendance: 6

  • All pamphlets have been delivered to all hospitals
    • Ready to order more
  • Drug Court Presentation
    • Everyone is ok with the changes that were made to make sure it doesn’t cross any traditions and seems more like a presentation vs. a meeting
    • Report Back of first meeting – Luke & Seth
      • 1 person commented  a lot
      • Lots of questions, good ones
      • Suggestions: say keep comments til the end?
      • Have pamphlets available for presenters ahead of time
        • Order 30 pamphlets to have on hand for presenters
      • Revising format (will use treatment committees AAs do/don’t to put in there)
        • Move stories to beginning
        • Encourage presenters to shake all hands and introduce yourselves before it starts
        • Kjerstin will send out around April 1 for approval
      • Meeting rotation
        • 1 person will take a guest, guest does the next meeting and brings another guest, and so on.
  • Gmail account??
    • Kjerstin will check about this and get the information so it can be checked.
  • Jessi will contact Jeff about getting the additional literature mentioned above.
  • Next month: Discuss funds and request from Intergroup

Treatment Committee: (Becky R.)  –

  • February: No Meeting

March Meeting

  • Balance: $438.85
  • Books have been purchased
  • A Lincoln Treatment Committee Facebook page has been created
    • It is private
  • Request from Bridge for Big Books
  • 2 people are now co-chairing the committee – Terry W. & Kemper W.
  • There are lots of new members
  • They are back at the Independence Center

Website Committee: (Ron E.)

Meeting minutes for each district and Central Office Bulletin have been posted to the site. If you have flyers or attachments to post online, please fill out the Contact Webmaster form on with your contact information. Webmaster will provide you with email address to send information to.

Special Events Committee: (George)

  • 4th of July picnic is coming up
    • They need volunteers and raffle item donations(Toys, books, AA literature, etc)

**Meets 3rd Sunday of the Month at 6pm at the HiWay Diner. (This is no longer listed on the meeting list for some reason.)

For more info on all committee reports visit

Old Business:

  • Central Office minutes the same month?
    • Make amendments the next month, if there are any.

New Business:

  • District 29: Brought concern – they don’t know what is being done with the money they have given to Intergroup. Total being reported in minutes is deceptive.
    • 60 Minutes also wants to know how money was spent in 2012.
    • Groups seem to be upset because they don’t know where the money is going.
    • Question: are groups looking at minutes online?
    • Solution: Report how much each committee has for a balance each month.
      • Motion: Jessi will add committee balances that are reported elsewhere in the minutes to the treasurer’s report, so groups can see all finances on one page
        • Motion passes. Will try for this month and see what groups say.
  • 60 minutes was recognized for having an issue and sending someone to discuss it
  • Spiritual Actions asked about past item brought up – why does Intergroup not try quarterly meetings???
    • Found the item in past minutes and explained what was said last time.

Meeting closed at 7:33 p.m. and we all gathered for the Serenity Prayer.

The next meeting is Friday, April 27, @ 6:30 p.m. @ Willard Community Center-1245 S. Folsom St.

Thank you for allowing me to be of service,
Jessi H.