PI/CPC Minutes – March 2013


Attendance: 6

  • All pamphlets have been delivered to all hospitals
    • Ready to order more
    • Drug Court Presentation
      • Everyone is ok with the changes that were made to make sure it doesn’t cross any traditions and seems more like a presentation vs. a meeting
      • Report Back of first meeting – Luke & Seth
        • 1 person commented  a lot
        • Lots of questions, good ones
        • Suggestions: say keep comments til the end?
        • Have pamphlets available for presenters ahead of time
          • Order 30 pamphlets to have on hand for presenters
      • Revising format (will use treatment committees AAs do/don’t to put in there)
        • Move stories to beginning
        • Encourage presenters to shake all hands and introduce yourselves before it starts
        • Kjerstin will send out around April 1 for approval
      • Meeting rotation
        • 1 person will take a guest, guest does the next meeting and brings another guest, and so on.
        • Gmail account??
          • Kjerstin will check about this and get the information so it can be checked.
          • Jessi will contact Jeff about getting the additional literature mentioned above.
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